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Is Your Boat Ready for the Season? Really Ready?


We take for granted that the many systems on board today, because they worked well last year, should be fine this year. In many cases we find out only too late and when we desperately need it, that a system (ie.: bilge pump) isn't functioning as it should. Nothing can take away from boating pleasure on a sunny Sunday afternoon like a mechanical failure of some nature!

Additionally, many mechanical issues occur, and are brought on, during periods when both boat and crew may be stressed: bad weather, sea state, fog, traffic, etc., or a combination of these factors. Rough seas can stir up dirt or algae settled in a fuel tank, plugging fuel filters and causing engine failure. Loose electrical connections can cause failure of bilge pumps, communications, overheating wires and other issues. A system can fail at the very time we need it the most.

Having a service check or survey done prior to spring launch can pinpoint many issues before they become a problem. Additionally, many items can be categorized: essential (prior to launch); not an immediate problem, but something to keep an eye out for; and items to be looked at in the future (prior to launch next year, or even the following year). Many boats are now in the 20-30 year range and systems can become tired, even though the actual hours logged are relatively low.

Think Safety!

Gold River Marina, in conjunction with Meisner Point Marine Maintenance are offering a service to assist you in assessing and maintaining your craft to the standard you deserve.

Click below to complete the Pre-Season Electrical Inspection check list. The service check can be tailored to your wishes and requirements. Simply mark items that may be of particular concern for you and your boat. After an inspection, a detailed report will be provided and no work will be performed without authorization. 

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